Meazure Sport Sciences was founded in 2013 with the fundamental purpose of providing solutions and sport science services to optimize your performance. This is certainly what we are passionate about!

Our team of specialists combines a wide academic background with a great practical experience to provide a variety of biomechanical and physiological assessments as well as several high-impact consulting services able generate high-impact results.

Produce and apply scientific knowledge for the purpose of improving human physical performance.
Organize and disseminate the current scientific knowledge for the construction of human physical performance.




We understand the importance of scientific rigor in the search for high impact results worldwide.



We believe that scientific information must be contextualized, applied, friendly and accessible.



These are non-negotiable fundamentals for dealing with people and data.



Every single person involved in the process has a previous knowledge and experience in the sport, which is absolutely essential for building a strong, long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with high impact results.

Team Meazure

Write articles. Not having too much time for it though…
Being part of Brazilian Paralympic staff in Rio 2016.
All you need is love, a great movie, some trip around the World and play drums!

Augusto Barbosa, PhD

Technical Director and Biomechanist                           

Augusto Barbosa has PhD in Physical Education and more than 10 years of experience in biomechanics and performance analysis with World-Class Olympic and Paralympic athletes. He is also a member of the review board for numerous sport science journals and is involved in several projects in some of the most important Universities in Brazil. His researches are focused on improving sport training through the interpretation and association of biomechanical and biochemical parameters, with results available in several international publications.

Leonardo Leis

Sport Scientist                                                                                              

Leonardo Leis has a bachelor degree in Sports from University of Sao Paulo and has experience in monitoring some of the world’s greatest Olympic and Paralympic swimmers. He has been a member of the Meazure Sport Scientists team since 2016 and worked at important swim teams in Brazil, where he closely followed the work of renowned speed and distance coaches.

Understand the human body responses to different training loads.
Join the technical staff of the Brazilian National Team at the Paralympic Swimming World Championship in London 2019.
Go out to dinner in good company and play sports (currently running).
Development of equipment for measuring sports performance in my company (TAU).
Approval for a PhD scholarship at the University of Jyväskylä.
Snowboarding and watch movies!

Pedro Valadão, MSc and PhD Candidate

Biomechanist and Strength & Conditioning Coach                                    

Pedro is Specialist in Strength Training and earned his Master in Biomechanics from University of Jyväskylä / Finland, a world-renowned center of excellence in motor control. He has a massive experience in physical preparation of Olympic and World champions in judo and swimming and participates as a member of the review board of the Journal of Sports Sciences. He is also involved in research projects in some well-recognized research centers, such as Universities of Jyväskylä and Copenhagen. Since 2016 he is back to Finland for Phd studies and keeps up Meazure’s work with distance consulting.