The Super Tech. evaluates the swimming technique through Speed + Video technology. The swimmer is attached to a sensor that acquires speed data synchronized with underwater cameras (front and side views) that will track the athlete’s movement. With the all these data available, our biomechanician will explain 4-5 major technical swimming corrections.

Xplode is a tethered swimming test. The athlete swims attached to a force sensor at maximum intensity for approximately 10 seconds, so the behavior of the force-time curve is recorded. This monitoring allows to understand the effects of training, as well as give useful insights for planing the upcoming training loads.

 Saída 37°  is a detailed analysis of all the above and underwater start movements and body positions. This helps the athlete to take full advantage of each start phase, from the block to the break-out. The main goal is to lead the athlete to reach an entry angle of 37 degrees, which is commonly reached by the best swimmers in the World.

The name 5-15M refers to the distances commonly used to evaluate turns (in and out) in competitions. We provide a full analysis of your turn, considering the positions and movements adopted in the in and out phases, and in the turn. We use high definition cameras to point out the limitations and propose solutions, detailed in a conversation with one of our scientists.

Ex.E is an oriented drill session composed of selected drills and immediate technical feedback to the participants. Teaching this content in a didactic and hierarchical way accelerates the technique learning process. According to our experience, even Olympic champions can reach progressions greater than 2% after a single Ex.E session. The group session lasts ~2 hours for the each of the techniques (i.e. butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and front-crawl), and is limited to 15 athletes per session.

Different swimsuits provide distinct effects on performance and this may eventually decide the medalist in a final. Therefore, we propose the TYS – Test Your Suit: a testing session to specifically evaluate the effects of up to 3 swimsuits (brought by the athlete) on the participant’s swimming and undulation technique, as well as to quantify their impact on your body dimensions (compression).

We film the race and use the video to quantify the start, turn, finish and swimming times. Stroke rate and length are also calculated every 25m.  These information assist to improve technical and tactical decision making from heat to final, and also from one competition to another. Our system also provides comparisons within and among athletes.

O Loading monitors the training load prescribed by the coach, how the athlete perceives it, the recovery and mood state, as well as performance parameters, all associated. An individual, objective, and practical report is sent weekly, so the coach can improve his decision making and reduce the chances of injury and / or overtraining.

MZR Clinics works dynamically. This means you can combine any of our services to meet your team’s exact needs in a 1, 2 or 3 day event. Combinations may include: (1) Super Tech., (2) Saída 37° (start analysis), (3) 5-15M (turn analysis) and/or (4) Ex.E oriented drill session, plus one or more lectures (spanish or english) from our portfolio.