1. Velocity + Video

What it is: Swimming technique analysis by means of the instantaneous velocity synchronized with underwater video.
Results: Data evidence ineffective velocity points within the swim cycle whereas the synched video helps to find their possible causes.
Frequency: Two to three times throughout the competitive season.
Time to collect data: ~15 athletes per hour.
Delivery results estimated time: Approximately 15 minutes per athlete
Structure needed: Swimming pool with three dedicated lanes.

2. Drill Session

What it is: Guided drill session
Duration: 1 hour per technique (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, front-crawl, start and turns)
Maximum number of participants: 15 athletes
Frequency: According to client’s needs
Structure needed: 3 to 4 lanes

3. Race Analysis

What it is: The athlete’s race is filmed in real competitive situation.
Results: Start, turns, finish and clean swimming times are measured every 25m, as well as stroke rate and length.
Recommendation: Identification of the physical, technical and tactical requirements for training prescription and orientation in competitions that have heats, semifinal and final format.
Estimated collection time: Race duration.
Delivery results estimated time: 2 to 4 hours after the end of the heats.
Structure need: Swimming pool with adequate shooting conditions.